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The most frequently asked questions. The same questions come up often, maybe you have the same? Take a look at the following questions and their answers but remember if you cannot find the answer you are looking for. Do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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Yes, it is possible as most previous experience and certifications are recognized by our agency, PADI. Also, our courses, programs, and certifications are recognized by other agencies and there is an equivalence. You can check the All Things Diving Page – Agencies Equivalences, ISO standards, CMAS and the WRSTC for more details.

No, if you satisfy the minimum norms and standards. However, if there is a known medical condition then it is very likely that diving will require a medical certificate issued by a physician.

Yes, a possible option, in this case, is the use of disposable contact lenses. Thousands of people dive every day with contact lenses and this causes no problem. Mask with integrated lenses exists but because of its very personal nature, we do not provide any.

Yes, if you have a disability but it is possible for you to do daily tasks alone then there is no reason you should not be able to take part in scuba diving activities.

Yes if the condition is not incompatible with scuba diving. If a medical condition exists but poses no problem with diving, it is possible to dive after obtaining a clearance with a medical certificate issued by a physician.

Yes, but extra charges will occur for every extra passenger. They will have access to all the same things as divers such as food and refreshments. They can also go snorkeling if they wish as gear can be provided to them.

Yes, you can enroll in a PADI – Discover Scuba Diving program which will teach you the basics allowing you to go diving with a professional safely.

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