Courses & Programs

Core PADI Courses

These are the core courses from PADI offered at Plongée Koh Phangan Diving. They are what people call getting a PADI or earning a dive certification.

Open Water Diver diving on a coral reef

PADI – Open Water Diver

Earn a dive certification and get recognized all around the world as a scuba diver. This is the first step and you can start now.
Advanced Open Water Divers swimming to a wreck

PADI – Advanced Open Water Diver

Earn a new certification, take your diving to the next level, and learn about new aspects of diving like deeper or night diving as well as navigation and other facets of your choice.
Rescue Diver assisting another diver at the surface

PADI – Rescue Diver

As it is better to be safe than sorry and that every second count in an emergency. Learn how to recognize, avoid, prevent and react in the best way to dive emergencies.
Scuba diver climbing back on the boat

PADI – Scuba Diver

The first course in the core certifications of the PADI system. Good course for people who do not have enough time but want to take their first step in earning a certification.

PADI Specialties

A diver looking at a Coral Reef Conservation installation

PADI – Coral Reef Conservation

Corals are one of the most important part of the marine ecosystem. You can learn all about them and how to help and preserve their future.
Divers deep diving near a coral covered pinnacle

PADI – Deep Diver

Want to go deeper? Learn how to manage deeper dives in a safe way all the way down to 40 meters / 132 feet.
Diver setting up on a Nitrox Tank

PADI – Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver

Want to extend your bottom time and get more out of your dives? You can by learning how to dive with enriched air Nitrox.
Analyzing enriched air Nitrox tanks as an equipment specialist

PADI – Equipment Specialist

Take your knowledge of diving equipment to the next level. Learn to make field repairs and how to better care and maintain dive gear.
Malabar Grouper looking at divers passing by

PADI – Fish Identification

What was that fish? we often ask or hear on dive trips. With this course you can learn the process of properly identifying fishes seen while diving.
Divers on a night dive looking at corals

PADI – Night Diver

Dive at night and discover a whole new world. Give a new perspective to that dive site you know already or get familiar with nocturnal creatures.
Divers demonstrating peak performace buoyancy

PADI – Peak Performance Buoyancy

Enhance your diving by learning how to master your buoyancy. Glide effortlessly or pause motionless to observe your favorite fish, this is peak performance buoyancy.
Self-reliant diver - Plongeur solo

PADI – Self-Reliant Diver

Want to add safety or learn to dive solo, all by yourself, the self-reliant diver can teach you what you need to have and know.
Sidemount diver starting a dive

PADI – Sidemount Rec Diver

Sidemount is more than just some extra equipment, it is a whole new way of diving. Learn how sidemount works and how to make the best of the gear.
Divers navigating with a compass near the surface

PADI – Underwater Navigator

Navigate dive sites like a professional and learn how to orient yourself to make the most of your dives.

PADI Programs

We offer a variety of PADI programs from the very beginner level of the try dives with the PADI – Discover Scuba Diving program to the most prestigious recognition certification of PADI – Master Scuba Diver MSD.