Specialty Courses

There is a course to please every diver with the wide selection of Specialty Courses offered at the dive center. This, no matter if it is marine life with many courses available on the topic or what would be the techniques, procedures, as well as the equipment required to become an independent solo diver. Everyone will find an interesting topic for which one of our staff members can help to learn more, in better conditions, and with a touch of personal experience.

Specialty Courses offered at Plongée Koh Phangan Diving

SSI - Deep Diving specialty certification card

Deep Diving

The Deep Diving course takes you to the limits of recreational diving. It has a more serious tone than other courses but still keeping the fun recreational aspect. Diving to these new limits requires only a little more equipment and ...
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SSI - Coral Identification

IANTD – Coral Identification

The IANTD - Coral Identification course introduces the procedures to follow to identify corals. This start with learning more about them, like what they are. Corals are very simple organisms but are very unique. They are in fact animals living for ...
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SSI - Enriched Air Nitrox specialty certification card

IANTD – Enriched Air Nitrox

Diving with enriched air or Nitrox is not rocket science, in fact, it is quite simple. The IANTD - Enriched Air Nitrox course allows you to use Nitrox to push your limits or to be more conservative for your dives. It ...
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SSI - Fish Identification

IANTD – Fish Identification

The course IANTD - Fish Identification show you the steps to follow to identify fishes. This process is the same as the one used by biologists when they classify fishes in the animal kingdom. This is why you will learn about ...
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SSI - Perfect Buoyancy specialty certification card

IANTD – Perfect Buoyancy

The IANTD - Perfect Buoyancy course is one of the most popular after the entry-level courses. Many divers ask professionals and more experienced divers how they do to consume less air. Their answer is often about having good buoyancy. With good ...
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IANTD – Recreational Sidemount Diving

When picking a Sidemount course, it is very important to get an instructor who knows this configuration very well and use it on a regular basis himself. This is where our experts stand out from the competition having in depth ...
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IANTD – Self-Sufficient Diving

The IANTD - Self-Sufficient Diving course allow people that meet the criteria to plan and execute dives in complete autonomy. Without a buddy said another way. With the right mindset and proper equipment, it is possible to dive alone in ...
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SSI - Navigation Specialty Course

IANTD – Underwater Navigation

With the IANTD - Navigation course you learn the fundamentals of underwater orientation. Using a compass combined with conditions and environmental observations you will learn to orientate yourself and better navigate. When we know where we going and where we are ...
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IANTD Video & Photography

Learn to make outstanding photos and videos ...
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