News about Plongée Koh Phangan Diving

The latest news and scoop about Plongée Koh Phangan Diving, the best dive center on the island.

Plongée Koh Phangan Diving PKPD is now a 5 Star PADI dive center

We made the move and partnered with the Professional Association of Dive Instructors PADI to offer world class courses and programs.

Do you know what is the yellow thing is in the photos?

A permanent rebreather dive guide in Koh Phangan at our IANTD Facility, Plongée Koh Phangan Diving

First IANTD 2020 Instructor Update and Essentials Instructor Upgrade in the IANTD Indo-Pacific

What have we been busy with at the beginning of 2020?

Opening of Le Grand Bleu Hotel

The search for the MV Sang Thai

We set out to hunt for lost shipwrecks in the vicinity of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao with the MV Sang Thai.

A day out exploring with 1 out of 2 wrecks found.

We had two unknown wrecks on our list for today. We searched for the oldest one for a long without success but we managed to find the second one close to Ko Phangan.
Chinese junk like the Hiap Seng Maru in 1945

Exploration and shipwreck hunting.

What do we do in the low season? We spend our time hunting for shipwrecks in the Gulf of Thailand. In this expedition we are hoping to find the Hiap Seng Maru.

The fall of the wall

Dried sausages hanging in a refrigerator as we prepare for the café opening

Preparing for the café opening with French goodies

Exploration day at Samran Pinnacles and Davy Jones wreck

IANTD Christian Heylen, Serge Galin et Yann Poiré on the boat near Sail Rock for the Triton CCR course

IANTD Triton Closed Circuit Rebreather Course

Salvage of a boat in Wok Tum area on Koh Phangan by the Plongée Koh Phangan Diving team

Ship salvage in Wok Tum harbor

Side view of Nardi Pacific 30 compressor

Our compressor has arrived

All the logos of Plongée Koh Phangan Diving

New logos are out

The apartments has its first tenants

Construction of the dive center is progressing