Try or learn scuba diving

It is very easy to enjoy scuba diving. There is no need to be an excellent swimmer either. You only need to be 8 years of age to try or learn diving and obtain a diver’s certification.

Many believe that scuba diving is not an easy activity or that the equipment used is complicated. Surprisingly it is the opposite. It is easy to learn and the equipment has fewer buttons to operate than a cell phone or tablet.

Our facilities allow you to try diving at the diving center in our specifically designed pool. A little bit of theory to learn and there you go, in the water taking your first underwater breaths.

The different programs and courses provide more and more autonomy, and to attain greater depths. From the PADI – Discover Scuba Diving program for first timers to the complete first certification as a PADI – Open Water Diver.

For more details select one of the courses and programs from the following list:

PADI Discover Scuba Diving

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program allows people to make real dives in the ocean. This is even if you never tried before or if you do not have any certifications or prior training. You can explore some of the most beautiful reefs and dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand under direct supervision and with the assistance of one of our professionals. All this with the philosophy of the ...

PADI – Open Water Diver

The PADI - Open Water Diver course is the first complete certification for scuba diving. It allows divers to become autonomous in the planning and execution of dives. Most scuba divers will opt for the services of a professional local guide to explore and visit new dive sites. But this course covers all the basics required for taking part in unsupervised dives. Maybe you overheard a discussion about diving before ...