The search for the MV Sang Thai

According to 1972 reports the MV Sang Thai originally named the Hensei Maru sank during the typhoon Sally. The vessel, a 510 tons 57 meters long steel cargo ship, was just outside Thong Sala the main city of Koh Phangan. At the time it was said to be transporting timber. Few days ago we set … Read more

A day out exploring with 1 out of 2 wrecks found.

With good conditions on a beautiful day, we set out north of Phangan to locate and scan two wrecks. From the previous post, the prized one was a WW2 wreck named the Hiap Seng Maru. Sadly after covering a huge 2 km wide circle with our WASSP sounder system, we did not find anything. Hopefully, … Read more

Exploration day at Samran Pinnacles and Davy Jones wreck

When we do what we love. A few days ago we went out for a day of exploration, scanning, and diving around Koh Phangan and south of Koh Tao aboard the Explorer, our versatile catamaran. Now we got a new 3D map of Samran Pinnacles and for the first time of the Davy Jones Shipwreck. … Read more