A permanent rebreather dive guide in Koh Phangan at our IANTD Facility, Plongée Koh Phangan Diving

IANTD Hollis Prism 2 and M3S Triton Courses

It’s official !! There is now one more Flemish Triton Diver in the world AND there is now a permanent rebreather dive guide in Koh Phangan at our IANTD Facility, Plongée Koh Phangan Diving !! A very well deserved congratulations to Luc Smets for becoming an IANTD CCR Triton Diver and to Yann Poiré for … Read more

Opening of Le Grand Bleu Hotel

Night photo of the dive center and Le Grand Bleu Hotel

Le Grand Bleu Hotel at our facilities is up and running and ready to welcome guests. Spacious and luminous rooms, modern finish, small kitchen area, saltwater pool access, big terraces and nice view. All rooms have their own dedicated WIFI access point and wired network outlet for even faster internet access, perfect for people working … Read more

The search for the MV Sang Thai

According to 1972 reports the MV Sang Thai originally named the Hensei Maru sank during the typhoon Sally. The vessel, a 510 tons 57 meters long steel cargo ship, was just outside Thong Sala the main city of Koh Phangan. At the time it was said to be transporting timber. Few days ago we set … Read more

A day out exploring with 1 out of 2 wrecks found.

With good conditions on a beautiful day, we set out north of Phangan to locate and scan two wrecks. From the previous post, the prized one was a WW2 wreck named the Hiap Seng Maru. Sadly after covering a huge 2 km wide circle with our WASSP sounder system, we did not find anything. Hopefully, … Read more

Exploration and shipwreck hunting.

Chinese junk like the Hiap Seng Maru in 1945

It is coming to the low season but it doesn’t mean we are not busy. In the next few days if the weather and logistics allow us we will set out to go on an exploration day. We are hoping to find a boat that was sunk in the second world war. The ship named … Read more

The fall of the wall

This might not be a historic moment for mankind but it is for us. The wall, as seen on our previous photos, that was put up to separate the work being done on the café and hotel and the dive center was torn down today. Another milestone has been reached. Soon we will be able … Read more

Preparing for the café opening with French goodies

Dried sausages hanging in a refrigerator as we prepare for the café opening

We know the café is not opened yet but this is not a reason not to start preparing for it. As you might guess from the photo of the “saucisses de campagne” and the Lonzo style ham, the café will be serving European food with a strong french influence. We already are stocking dried-cured sausages … Read more