The search for the MV Sang Thai

According to 1972 reports the MV Sang Thai originally named the Hensei Maru sank during the typhoon Sally. The vessel, a 510 tons 57 meters long steel cargo ship, was just outside Thong Sala the main city of Koh Phangan. At the time it was said to be transporting timber.

Few days ago we set out to try to locate the shipwreck or what is left of it if anything. Arriving near the marks we had from old reports and Thai marine maps, we realized that it was right in the channel used by the big ferries and transport vessels coming and leaving Phangan. There are not many places that our XDeep Stealth gear won’t take us but boat traffic on top of average conditions would make the diving much more complicated if not impossible.

We did not have high hopes but if we do not try and look, we will never find anything.

After some search at the two last known locations we decided to call it and head for an alternate dive site we had so our divers could at least get wet a bit.