IANTD – Underwater Navigation

With the IANTD – Navigation course you learn the fundamentals of underwater orientation. Using a compass combined with conditions and environmental observations you will learn to orientate yourself and better navigate.

When we know where we going and where we are coming from it increase confidence and our comfort level. It also enables divers who take part in non-guided dives to maximize the efficiency of their dives and their plans. Nothing better than avoiding long swims and surfacing at the ladder of the boat or at the pier where the dive started.

The IANTD – Navigation specialty course

The different sections of the course.


The theory is quite simple since orientation is much more of a practical thing. But it covers subjects like bottom types, luminosity, currents and other clues and observations that are used for navigation and orientation.

Practice on land

Before jumping into the water it is a good idea to practice on land. Your instructor has a much easier time to correct and provide tips and guidance. It is also a good way to keep our skills sharp when we are not diving.

Dives in open water

In 2 dives on a trip, you will have the chance to test what you have learned in the course. You will demonstrate that you can navigate on the site with the assistance and guidance of your instructor. You will also learn the planning, spotting, and orientation that is done out of the water, even before the dive start.

Timeline of the IANTD – Navigation specialty course

This dive specialty usually takes 2 days to complete for the basic course option, including 2 dives in open water. It is possible to make the course a lot more complete to add two extra dives. This way you can really perfect your skills and knowledge to a higher level.

Example of course schedule on two days

Morning Afternoon
  • Paperwork and account creation on IANTD
  • Forms and payments
  • Academic support presentation
  • Self-study
  • Review of the theory if completed online before
  • Navigation workshop on land
  • Self-study
  • Exams
  • Breakfast at the dive center
  • Planning and briefing of the first dive
  • Orientation at the surface
  • Route planning
  • First dive
  • Debriefing of skills and dives
  • Lunch on the boat
  • Predive planning of the 2nd dive
  • Route planning of the second dive
  • Fourth dive
  • Debriefing
  • Logbook entries on the way back or at the dive center
  • Certification

IANTD – Navigation course prerequisites

To enroll in the IANTD – Navigation course, participants need to be undertaking or already be certified as an IANTD – Open Water Diver. Equivalent certifications from other certifying agencies are also valid to take part in the course. Participants must also be 12 years or older. For people less than 18 years of age, a written permission along with liabilities releases need to be provided by the parents or legal guardian.

Requirements in short:

What is included in the IANTD – Navigation specialty course

Certification card of SSI - Navigation specialty

Courses and packages include everything needed for the completion of the course. No surprise fees or additional rental. Bring sunscreen, towel, a smile and you are set. We will take care of the rest.

  • The IANTD learning material in electronic format for the duration of the course
  • The instructor
  • The certification card in electronic format (available in a plastic format on special request)
  • Rental of the full kit of gear including; mask, fins, snorkel, short wetsuit, regulator set, buoyancy compensator and weight system. Dive computer, reel, compass, slates, tanks, and fills are included as needed.
  • Meals and snacks when taking part in trips which include breakfast and lunch, as well as fruits, refreshments, tea, coffee, soft drinks, electrolyte drink and of course drinking water.

Packages offered for the course

Prices of the IANTD – Navigation course starts with the basic which include 2 dives. It is possible to add additional dives to the course.

The IANTD – Navigation basic course (2 dives) 8,000
The option of 2 extra dives with your instructor +1,600
Prices are subject to changes without prior notice. We recommend to contact us directly to obtain up to date prices and a more personalized service.

What you need to know of the IANTD – Navigation course

The program gives you the basics and fundamentals of navigation but the experience is an important factor. Results may vary from one individual to the next.

This is why we encourage divers to pursue and practice navigation.

IANTD – Navigation, what comes after

Knowing to navigate helps a lot to find objects underwater. Another program that goes hand in hand with navigation is the IANTD – Search & Recovery specialty course. You could also look into becoming a dive leader yourself. The IANTD – Navigation course being a great advantage in becoming a good IANTD – Dive Guide.

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