Ship salvage in Wok Tum harbor

Here is another way our professionals at Plongée Koh Phangan Diving stand out. With our unique and specialized search, recovery and salvage services.

On February 16, Plongée Koh Phangan Diving took the initiative to contact the owner of a boat stranded in the outskirt of Wok Tum harbor. The call was welcome for the owner that was not on Koh Phangan and didn’t know where to start to care for his boat. The 9 meters walk around was laying tilted on its starboard on the exposed sand from the low tide. A thing our team noticed and was most concerned about was that one of it’s two Suzuki 200HP off board engines could become flooded by the next high tide.

After contacting the owner and the fact that we had to act quickly to prevent more damage, our fast response team was on location with all their equipment within the hour. High powered pumps, generators, compressor, lifting bags, stabilizing pillows, and all the hardware required for such operation was deployed.

From our initial inspection, the team determined that the operation would be in two phases. One to prevent further damage and secure the boat, and the second phase to take the boat out of the water. Being a small harbor with no lift, the team opted to use a trailer to bring the boat out of the water.

The first part of the operation was to lift, float and secure the stern of the boat. This had to be done quickly to make sure the engines would not get flooded by the next high tide. Straps were installed under the hull and stabilizing pillows were deployed on both sides. Using high flow water pumps the water accumulated in the hull was emptied as the team inflated the pillows.

Meanwhile, other members of the team were taking off the batteries to prevent electrical problems and acid leakage. They then move on to locate where the water was getting inside and assess the extent of the damages. As every situation is different it is important to know what the damages are as they would dictate the next steps to be taken. The outside layer of the fiberglass hull was torn on its leeward but was not punched right through the second and internal layer. This gave the possibility to keep the boat afloat as the water was getting in slower than our pumps can empty. Once this step done, we had to wait to take advantage of the next rising tide to bring the boat to the ramp.

Some members of the team monitored the boat through the evening and night, the high output pump was activated at regular interval to make sure the boat would not sink back because of the weight of water accumulating in the ship.

At around 5:00 the next morning, the team took advantage of the rising tide for the second phase. Again using the high flow pump, the boat was kept afloat as much as possible and pulled by hand to the loading ramp. A trailer was lowered and the boat got pulled and strongly secured on the trailer. The team could then safely remove the pump, straps, webbing, stabilizing pillows and other equipment from the boat.

With the boat back on land our operations were over. But the team continued to help and support the owner with logistics and to organize for the repair on site.

If you see any similar situations around or would like to know more about our services feel free to contact us.