Sail Rock

Sail Rock has to be the most famous dive site in the Gulf of Thailand. Luckily for us, it is located close to Koh Phangan. About an hour’s boat ride is required to reach this dive site. This is why we run this trip almost daily.

The dives take place along walls covered by corals, around submerged pinnacles, and over anemone gardens. Huge schools of big-eyed trevallies, chevron barracudas, and longfin batfish. We can also see Talang queenfish and big groupers roaming around.

On certain days, we have the chance of a visiting whaleshark or spot sailfish, tunas, and great barracudas. For attentive divers, Jaan’s pipefish or banded boxer shrimps can be found in some of the cracks.

Sail Rock has not always been a dive site. It was part of a military zone before and has even been used as a practice target. Some divers have recovered shells that have been fired by the military forces. It was also a very good fishing spot for local fishermen but the place has been left to divers.

Sail Rock is currently getting rezoned as part of the Ang Thong Marine Park which would offer even greater protection to the site.

Details of Sail Rock dive site


Depth:0 - 44 meters / 0 - 150 feet
Bottom type:Rock and sand
Extra:The chimney, a vertical opening in the rock. Artificial reefs.


Visibility:Varies between 3 to 40 meters / 10 to 130 feet depending on day and depth
Current:None to strong
Surface:Not protected, can be flat to big waves and surge
Temperature:Between 27C / 79 F and 31C / 94F

Marine species

Common fishes:Chevron Barracuda, Yellowfin Barracuda, Big-eyed Trevallies or Jacks, Talang Queenfish, Teira Batfish, Yellowback Fusilier
Rare fish species:Whale shark, Dogtooth Tuna, Seal Faced Pufferfish, Frogfish, Bearded Scorpionfish, Blue Marlin, Razorfish
Corals:Labyrinth Coral, Maze Coral, Brain Coral, Whip corals
Others:Barrel sponges,