Plongée Koh Phangan Diving PKPD is now a 5 Star PADI dive center

As our goal is to always offer the best and safest experience possible to our customers, Plongée Koh Phangan Diving is proud to announce that it has become a PADI 5 Stars diving center.

After much consideration regarding our offerings for our customers, the current market trends, and the availability of skilled professionals. PKPD decided to join forces with PADI to take advantage of the current conditions in the diving industry. It currently gives us the power to offer a better experience and the high safety standards we promise to our customers. This was and will always be our mission and commitment.

Like many businesses worldwide, COVID-19 left scars, and we had to go through tough times. The same was true for all professionals in the diving industry. This left us with a decreasing availability of highly qualified professionals. Finding the right persons to become team members became a big challenge as we strived to offer the best. PADI with its huge pool of eager and passionate professionals is a solution that we considered back in time. We now made this choice thinking it was a good idea as we embrace our new partnership with the Professional Association of Dive Instructors.

With PADI as our affiliated certification agency, we know that we can leverage their international presence and the indisputable share of the market they have. As PADI writes it is “The way the world learns to dive”.