PADI – Night Diver

With the PADI – Night Diver course you learn how to overcome the darkness of the night to reveal an amazing world. As the sun set and the darkness comes, a whole new cycle start underwater. Some creatures go hide but other comes out. The behavior of some fish change drastically, and nocturnal creatures start their nightly routine.

For divers having the chance to be able to go to the same dive site often it is a great way to give a whole new aspect and revive the feeling of exploring.

The PADI - Night Diver specialty course

The course is divided in three section, the theory, the workshops and practical and, of course, the dives at night in the ocean.


The academic part covers topics like night time orientation, shift in marine life and other things that only comes with night diving.

Practice on land

The workshops are oriented toward the additional equipment and procedures required for diving at night in a safe and enjoyable way. With an overview of some additional procedures like signaling at night which is different than in day time. Procedures for buddy separation are also different. It also covers equipment like dive lights and light markers and how to use them effectively and properly.

Dives in open water

In the course you will take part in 3 open water dives. The first one is usually done as a sunset dive where we can keep our sense of orientation that we are use to during daytime and gradually move into a night dive as the light dims fading into the darkness of the night.

Timeline of the PADI - Night Diver specialty course

This dive specialty usually takes 2 to 3 days to complete for the basic course option, including 3 dives in open water. As opposed to other diving course most of the PADI – Night Diver course takes place in the evening with some parts like theory and workshops being done in the afternoon. This is why it needs to be properly planned allowing enough time to complete what is required. 

It is always possible to make the course a lot more complete and earning more experience by adding two extra dives as a special package. This way you can perfect your skills and knowledge to a higher level and get more dives in this new exciting way to dive.

Example of a course schedule on two days

  • Paperwork and account creation on PADI
  • Forms and payments
  • Academic support presentation
  • Self-study
  • Review of the theory if completed online before
  • Workshops
  • Pre dive preparation and briefing
  • Open water dive 1
  • Debriefing
  • Exams
  • Breakfast at the dive center
  • Planning and briefing of the first dive
  • Orientation at the surface
  • Route planning
  • First dive
  • Debriefing of skills and dives
  • Lunch on the boat
  • Predive planning of the 2nd dive
  • Route planning of the second dive
  • Fourth dive
  • Debriefing
  • Logbook entries on the way back or at the dive center
  • Certification

PADI - Night Diver course prerequisites

To enroll in the PADI – Night Diver course, participants need to be certified as a PADI – Open Water Diver or PADI – Junior Open Water Diver. Equivalent certifications from other certifying agencies are also valid to take part in the course. Participants must also be 12 years or older. For people less than 18 years of age, written permission along with liability releases need to be provided by the parents or legal guardian.

Requirements in short:

  • To have an PADI – Open Water Diver or PADI – Junior Open Water Diver or equivalent certification.
  • 12 years old

What is included in the PADI - Night Diver specialty course

Courses and packages include everything needed for the completion of the course. No surprise fees or additional rental. Bring sunscreen, a towel, and a smile and you are set. We will take care of the rest.

  • The PADI learning material
  • The instructor
  • The certification card in electronic format (available in a plastic format on special request)
  • Rental of the full kit of gear including; mask, fins, snorkel, short wetsuit, regulator set, buoyancy compensator, and weight system. Dive computer, underwater torch, reel, compass, slates, tanks, and fills are included as needed.
  • Meals and snacks when taking part in trips include breakfast and lunch, as well as fruits, refreshments, tea, coffee, soft drinks, electrolyte drinks, and of course drinking water.

Packages offered for the course

Prices for the PADI – Night Diver course starts with the basics which includes 3 dives as required by the course standards. It is possible to add additional dives to the course.

PADI - Night Diver Packages Price
Base PADI - Night Diver Course with 3 dives12,800
Additional 2 dives+1,800

What you need to know about the PADI - Night Diver course

The program gives you the basics and fundamentals of for taking part or conducting night dives. It might be required to take part of some dives in dive centers and resorts around the world.

PADI - Night Diver, what comes after

As a PADI – Night Diver, you will be able to experience new things and see dive sites in a renewed aspect. But as night dives are a bit more complex when it comes to orientation we recommend taking part in a PADI – Underwater Navigator course as a great complement. Also learning more about the marine life in the PADI – Underwater Naturalist course can explain more about the nocturnal life of creatures.

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