Koh Yippon Lek or Hin Yippon

Koh Yippon Lek or Hin Yippon, depending on which fisherman is asked, is the second-to-last island in the northern part of the archipelago of islands in Ang Thong Marine Park.

An impressive feature is the presence of a cave that is completely submerged at high tide. It stretches from the east tip of one side to the other side of the island, and schools of vampire fish are always present there. It has a length of about 20 meters with several air pockets throughout when the water is at its highest. Good buoyancy is required to traverse it, suitable for more experienced divers.

Opposite Koh Yippon Lek is another diving site of Ang Thong. Another rocky island named Koh Yippon Yai.

A funny fact about those island, they are the ones seen from far away that partly inspired the novel “The Beach”.

Details of Koh Yippon Lek or Hin Yippon site


Depth:0 - 24 meters / 0 - 72 feet
Bottom type:Rock, corals, and sand
Extra:A cave traversing the whole island at one of the tip.


Visibility:Varies between 3 to 20 meters / 10 to 50 feet depending on day and depth
Current:None to strong
Surface:Not protected, can be flat to big waves and surge
Temperature:Between 27C / 79 F and 31C / 94F

Marine species

Common fishes:Chevron Barracuda, Yellowfin Barracuda, Big-eyed Trevallies or Jacks, Talang Queenfish, Yellowback Fusilier
Rare fish species:Whale shark, Frogfish, Bearded Scorpionfish, Stargazer, Lionfish
Corals:Labyrinth Coral, Maze Coral, Brain Coral, Whip corals
Others:Barrel sponges,