Do you know what is the yellow thing is in the photos?

Another day we can say we are different at Plongée Koh Phangan Diving.

A few days ago we had the chance to play around in our pool with an iBubble. What is an iBubble? It is the first commercially available underwater drone for the general public.

It is quite an impressive drone. It is rated for 60 meters, can go at a speed of 1.5 meter per second, has integrated lights and has an autonomy of 1.5 hour. And just like airborne drones, it can follow a diver or his group, or maneuver to make different scenic filming like a 360 degree circle around the divers. It also has a sonar system to avoid collision with divers or the environment. It is controlled by a wireless remote and joystick that a diver carries underwater.

It can even be used as a tethered ROV controlled from the surface with a smartphone or tablet.

We were quite thrilled to have the chance to see in action in our pool and sadly we ran out of time to go try it in the sea and now it went back to Malaysia with its owner the IANTD Malaysia, Singapore and Borneo regional manager.