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Plongée Koh Phangan Diving is a complete dive center offering a wide range of high-quality scuba diving products and services. But what makes it stand out and unique on Koh Phangan is the more specialized and personalized approach.

As a serious dive center, we are also the only one to offer higher level courses. With advanced wreck, cave and technical diving courses, we are committed to excellence and safety that trickle down in all our diving activities.

Just remember that you are paying already a fair amount of money and it is down to your own safety. This is why we are confident that the customers who recognize the value of teaching and safety will not hesitate to choose our center.

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Plongée Koh Phangan Diving - Try Dives, Courses, Trips, Technical Diving, Wrecks, Cave, Private Tours

Diver try scuba diving for the first time with instructorTry diving in a fun and safe way with our team

For the first time, you can try diving with one of our professionals in the pool or in the ocean. The SSI – Try Scuba Diving program is designed to be very safe in the first place, but keeping it simple, accessible to most and fun.

Courses and programs offered at the dive center.

Get certified!

Enroll in an SSI – Open Water Diver course and open the doors to the underwater world. It is the first complete certification as a scuba diver and one of the most popular course. It is also the one where the basic of diving are learned and acquired. This is why it is important to have a very complete and thorough course.

At Plongée Koh Phangan Diving we try to give the best fundamentals we can in our courses. We know this goes a long way and is a good investment.

Take advanced and specialized courses

The SSI – Advanced Adventurer is the next step after the basic certification. This is where you can get a taste of different kinds of diving. Dives picked in this course can count toward the SSI – Specialty Courses.

There are many SSI or IANTD – Specialty Courses to choose from. Topics like equipment to wave. tides, and current, or how to dive at night and in limited visibility.

Or we offer a selection of specialized courses such as the IANTD – Recreational Sidemount Diving, the IANTD – Independent Diver or the SSI – Deep Diving or IANTD Deep Diver course. Our experience allows us to offer complete courses that go beyond the basics and standards of the industry. We also have complementary specialized equipment for these courses.

Go deeper and longer with technical diving courses


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