Koh Ma, the little island

The most part of the little island of Koh Ma is made up of steep rock cliff and not really accessible on land. But underwater, it is a whole different thing. Koh Ma has to be the most beautiful dive site of Koh Phangan. This reef is protected pretty much all year around from the bad weather and is vibrant of life.

Sadly Koh Ma is victim of the development of the bay with increasing number of visitors. Be cautious of where you put your fins and hands and leave only bubbles behind.

Details of Koh Ma dive site


Depth:0 – 22 meters / 0 – 72 feet
Seafloor type:Rocks and corals, sand and mud getting further away from the reef



Visibility:Varies between 3 to 18 meters / 9 to 60 feet depending on the day and tides
Current:None to moderate, Tidal current
Surface:Mostly protected but small waves can be present
Temperature:Between 26C / 79 F and 32C / 94F


Marine Species

Common fishes:Chevron Barracudas, Yellow-fin Barracudas, Yellowback Fusiliers, Yellowback Snappers, Black Damsels
Less common fishes:Cobias, Blue-spotted Ribbontail Stingray, Red-breasted Wrasse
Corals:Labyrinth Coral, Elephant Ear Coral, Staghorn Coral, Whip Coral
Others:Barrel Sponges, Feather stars, Crown of Thorns, Jigsaw Shrimps, Pharaon Cuttlefish