Chumphon Pinnacle, the best of Koh Tao

Considered the second best dive site in the area after the famous and renowned Sail Rock, Chumphon Pinnacle is a completely submerge rocky pinnacle coming out from a sandy bottom. The dive site is suited to all level of certified divers but not recommended for discovery dives.

It is located north east of Koh Tao and a long boat ride from Koh Phangan this is why it is not a trip that is often organized. For daily trip Sail Rock is preferred with a

Details of Chumphon Pinnacle dive site


Depth:0 - 44 meters / 0 - 150 feet
Bottom type:Rock and sand
Extra:The chimney, a vertical opening in the rock. Artificial reefs.


Visibility:Varies between 3 to 40 meters / 10 to 130 feet depending on day and depth
Current:None to strong
Surface:Not protected, can be flat to big waves and surge
Temperature:Between 27C / 79 F and 31C / 94F

Marine species

Common fishes:Chevron Barracuda, Yellowfin Barracuda, Big-eyed Trevallies or Jacks, Talang Queenfish, Teira Batfish, Yellowback Fusilier
Rare fish species:Whale shark, Dogtooth Tuna, Seal Faced Pufferfish, Frogfish, Bearded Scorpionfish, Blue Marlin, Razorfish
Corals:Labyrinth Coral, Maze Coral, Brain Coral, Whip corals
Others:Barrel sponges,