Our special pool

The pool at the heart of the center is unique to Koh Phangan. With its 5 meters / 18 feet deep section, it is the deepest of the island. It was conceived to allow participants in diving activities to practice in and experience what is much closer to a real natural environment.

To better serve in teaching purpose but also for swimmers, we have built in the pool three levels at different depths. The two first allows people to practice their first skills in a safe environment and know they can just stand in case of little problems or feeling uncomfortable. The deeper level is better suited than most pools to practice simulated ascent as it is much more realistic. Effect of pressure can also be felt in this part of the pool.

Another thing that was very dear to us is that the pool had to be working with a saltwater system. And have many reasons to believe this is a much better choice.

Chlore liquide pour piscines
Liquid chlorine for pool

Saltwater helps prevent the growth of most algae which keeps the water much cleaner and clearer. It also avoids the accelerated deterioration of the equipment by the corrosive agents such as chlorine used in the water treatment.

Some skills like purging a mask will be done in more comfort as the burning feeling is lesser than of chlorinated water.

At last saltwater pools are much more eco-friendly as it uses much less corrosive agents treat the water. We do take pride in trying to make our center as ecologically responsible as possible.