Our filling station

Our filling station has its own dedicated room. Isolated and with air conditioning the room is meant to optimize the cooling of the compressor. Isolation is not only thermal it is also for soundproofing as well.

The compressor of our filling station

Nardi Pacific 30 Compressor
Nardi Pacific 30 Compressor

Our compressor, a Nardi model Pacific 30 is build entirely in Italy with high standards. Their long history in other fields such as medical supply along with their good service gave us many reasons to deal with this supplier.

The Pacific 30 compressor with its 300 liters per minute, gives our filling station a fast output meaning there will be less noise at the center.

With this compressor, we can also fill Nitrox tanks on order to up to 40%.

Our cylinders and tanks

Cylinders that we use are in aluminum, this might be an important detail as if you are used to dive with steel tanks. You might find that these have a way different buoyancy characteristic. These tanks are better suited for use in a tropical area as they are less prone to corrosion.

SIDEMOUNT-ABLE DIVE-CENTER Light LogoEven if the other operators of the region are using the A-Clamp or Yoke system we have opted for DIN compatible tank valves. Streamlining and reliability is something we looked into when choosing the valves.

We are also proud to say that we are one of the few around to fully support sidemount divers as a Sidemount-Able Dive Center with proper tank valves. We are sidemount divers as well…