Equipment room and cleaning station

Our equipment room is built to optimize and speed up the drying of scuba gear. In a humid and tropical climate like the one we have on Koh Phangan, it is important to accelerate the drying process. This is truer in the rainy season when everything not set to dry properly take ages.

Even if scuba gear is rugged and resistant it can get mold or fungi if it stays wet for too long. This will degenerate material at a faster rate. This is seen on some clear masks, snorkels, and mouthpieces as the black stains that won’t go away.

We also know that no one like to put on a still wet wetsuit or get a mask or mouthpiece full of mold. Professionals we are the first to not want these unpleasant things. We also want to avoid the same on all equipment including the rental sets of our customers.

The room is well secured but aeration is provided by two fans and big openings on both side of the room. This creates convection moving the very humid air outside.

There are also rinsing pools with clean water constantly cleaned and treated to prevent the growth and spreading of unwanted organisms.