A day out exploring with 1 out of 2 wrecks found.

With good conditions on a beautiful day, we set out north of Phangan to locate and scan two wrecks.

Map of exploration and wreck hunting day on the 22nd of October 2019

From the previous post, the prized one was a WW2 wreck named the Hiap Seng Maru. Sadly after covering a huge 2 km wide circle with our WASSP sounder system, we did not find anything. Hopefully, it is at another location and not torn into pieces and flattened to the ground. The search is not over.

As we used up the time allocated for this one we decided to move to a second one which is closer to home and had more than one confirmation of its whereabouts.

Our dive team members went down to inspect the wreck. What we found for the second wreck is a wooden Thai fishing vessel in 25 meters of water. It is about 20 meters long is already quite damaged and covered in old fishing nets. We will put some videos of it shortly. So make sure to like our page and follow us if you want to get a glimpse of it.

Some divers of our team used their trustworthy XDeep Stealth sidemount rigs. A good and versatile system for these kinds of dives.